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About Us

Hawkeye Empire is a specialist provider of solutions to key issues affecting public and private sectors internationally.  We pride ourselves on spotting the gaps n provision and providing viable solutions that fill these gaps and meet the needs of all parties. We are renowned for our unique niche and work as cohesively as possible with people and businesses to fill the gaps long-term.

Covid-19 Statement:

Due to the current global pandemic, we are currently working to further enhance our service model and envisage this will continue to see a strong move to hybrid systems and processes, allowing for greater flexibility in our online and physical provision and consultations . We encourage all our key service users and beneficiaries to keep safe during these challenging times.  For enquiries, contact us on

Senior Management Team

  Meet Our Seniors

L-R (Adjacent Image):  

:Stevanna: Francis (Director of Service Quality); 

:Sandra: Longville (Director of NEET Solutions), and 

:Francis:Francis (Director of Secure Solutions).


Our award-winning Senior Management Team have championed innovative community, education, employability and wellbeing solutions in public & private sectors for a collective 29+ years. Since 1992, they have provided specialist Empowerment Solutions which continue to benefit their own and neighbouring boroughs which brought about visibly stronger, more productive communities. Among the many other awards and partnerships secured within their local place of residence, Hawkeye's SMT were each honoured with Medals of Excellence in August 2010, in recognition of the international scope of their service which continues to date in the following contexts.



What We Do

Our award-winning operatives have provided public and private sector solutions for a collective 29-plus years! The team consists of expertise in community engagement and development, which reflects in our provision of solutions to common problems such as: 

1. increased accessibility in areas with high gaps in access,

2. cohesive planning strategies to enhance neighbourhood planning processes,

3. niche community guardianship to reduce fear of crime and promote functionality of community assets in areas of high-level deprivation.

5. improved learning and attainment with high-risk school  exclusions or underachievement,

Increased Accessibility

Hawkeye Empire works with the community, local councils and other businesses to engage service level agreements or partnership arrangements for provision aimed at closing gap in access to core, specialist services.  This can include access to better education and training, employment, access to specialist or personalized advice and wellbeing consultations, and access to venues in line with joint commitments to equal opportunity and non-discriminative policies.


Cohesive Local Representation

Our specialist team of Community Champions and support staff work closely with local councils and community members to revolutionize collaborative efforts of either for unprecedented progressive results. We possess the professional and personal insights needed to bring people and communities together for stronger representation of all groups to the right places and events aimed at community-building, involvement and empowerment. We possess proven abilities to manage and coordinate community-led processes in line with neighbourhood priorities.

Greater Pride in Our Local Facilities

We specialize in provision of community property guardianship to protect community assets from adversities that could affect their commercial and residential property. Problems such as flooding, trespassing, theft and damage to said property can affect and delay the community's access to vital provision. This is especially important in areas of high deprivation, crime and anti-social activities where communities' assets are of utmost important to local residents and businesses, and form the part of a community's identity.  Our team of approved and licensed GEC and SIA officers also offer bespoke community safety measures to ensure the safety and security of communities.


Improved Learning & Attainment

We work to ensure that all our accredited courses and training are quality assured to the highest of standards. This is to ensure all our candidates are have an outstanding learning or training experience which will reflect in their achievement levels and hence boost education and skills attainment. 


Our Senior Management Team and specialist staff have received a number of other admirable awards for their top-quality solutions, to include Deptford Challenge Trust, Santander, SELCF, etc.

Bespoke Specialists

All our staff are experienced  specialists in their respective fields. We are committed to being a workforce equipped with the right people for your needs.

Results Oriented

We go the extra mile to ensure our services meet the needs of our people and clients. We give much time and attention to your specifications to provide you tangible, long-lasting results.

Fully Qualified

Each member of our respective teams are fully qualified and/or licenced in respective and related areas, offering you elite expertise to guarantee quality and value.


Fully qualified and experienced professionals offering specialist solutions.


London and Hampshire

England, United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)208 692 1433


For all general service and tier enquiries, email the team at:


All new and existing Learner enquiries are welcome. Email:

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