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"Young people want to make meaning of their lives. If we treat them like they are not capable, we won’t get very far. We have to leverage what they do have and be confident that if we give them opportunity, they will rise to the occasion."

George Richmond [paraphrased]

MicroWorld: Society in Miniature™

Hawkeye Empire pioneers our MicroWorld initiative which puts children and young people as leaders and architects of their lives. It is a real-life preparatory solution that builds on the skills and ideas young people already have to develop in them a desire to go on to become constructive contributors to the 'macro-world' society where they live and work. Our MicroWorld model nurtures a culture of possibility and entrepreneurship, igniting in young people a spirit of revolutionary common sense and offering a wide range of opportunities to discover where they fit and what it takes to succeed.  We also introduce the MicroWorld initiative as a strategy to enhancing young people's understanding of what they learn a broad and balanced curriculum in Southeast London Schools, our objective being to increase visibility of the school, attract pupils to learning by introducing them to a “Micro World” which prepares them for the “Big Society” as successful residents who go on to shape the real world they live in.

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Be the Change!

MicroWorld is the palette young people need to paint their own future and to become the powerful thinkers and leaders we need in our global, technology-driven world, particularly post-pandemic.  MicroWorld connects young people to their communities and real life.

Organic and Dynamic!

We empower young people by giving them their own learning laboratories and innovation hubs in our youth MicroWorld facilities.  Building a culture that ensures young people flourishes is central to our work, and we provide daily tangible proof that our organic and dynamic approach works.

Integrative Model!

Hawkeye offers training services to teachers  using an extensive library of curriculum and other resources, focusing on nurturing exceptional 21st-century school-wide learning environments that use real-world learning experiences to inform curriculum and instruction throughout the day.

Guiding Principles!

MicroWorld priorities the voice and choice of young people. Engagement in the initiative fuels their entrepreneurial spirit, and equips them with Real-world experiences with Teachers as facilitators and Partners as contributors. This creates a culture of shared responsibility. 


Fully qualified and experienced professionals offering specialist solutions to Public & Private Sectors'.


London and Hampshire

England, United Kingdom

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