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CG Patrol Officers


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Our Community Guardians (CG) provide patrol officers in a policing context to improve local representation, manage crime, Anti Social Behaviour and other forms of nuisance in Lewisham with flexibility to support other SE London Boroughs.

Our fully trained and licensed Guardians typically carry out the following duties: 


1. Collate information & intelligence for directed and further action in offence cases, in view of sharing information and facilitating cross-border liaison as appropriate;


2. Efficiently detect, disrupt and diffuse the potential or actual occurrence of offences and take appropriate enforcement action where needed;


3. Process individuals for relevant offences and other enforcement actions, ensuring that all matters relating to our information process are carried out efficiently, promptly, and lawfully in line with service requirements.

We efficiently collaborate with Local Service Providers such as: 

(i)   Police, 

(ii)  PCSOs, 

(iii) Intelligence Firms, 

(iv) Crime Reduction and 

(v)  Community Safety Panels to reduce the fear of crime. 


We also provide improved reassurance through proactive local representation, presence, committed public liaison, and attendance to Council/Police community safety board meetings.


Hawkeye's Community Guardians commit to assisting the most marginalized members of local communities in line with Local Councils' Safety and Welfare protocol guidelines.



Contact our Community Guardians

Reporting an Incident or Concern

Where any member of the Community witnesses an incident, take the following steps:

Contact our Community Guardians team to advise us of the incident. 

C ontact Number: 0208-692-1433

CG Rapid Response Line: 07534-970-717


Alternative Support Contacts

February 14, 2020

Consider contacting other Support Services (such as your local Police) if needed.

Emergency: 999

Non-emergency: 101

How Hawkeye Community Guardians and Public Police departments benefit on another.

Our Guardians can communicate with local police about possible threats in the area, and in to support cases that are under-resourced. This might be in context of sharing photos of missing or wanted individuals to look for as part of shared local case priority. Additionally, our Guardians can supplement and support borough and county police agencies by relieving them of some of their service calls. 



Fully qualified and experienced professionals offering elite specialist solutions to Public & Private Sectors'.


London and Hampshire

England, United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)208 692 1433



For all general service and division enquiries, email the team at:


All new and existing course and training enquiries are welcome. 


We are here to assist.

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