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Private Investigators

We do the ground work so you don't have to. 

If you need an extra pair of eyes, hire Hawkeye P.I.'s!

Our fully trained Private Investigators offer discreet and elite private investigation service using highly effective methods and approaches that aim to deliver tangible results. All our PIs are fully trained and operate to the highest lawful standards. We follow strict codes of conduct as laid down by membership of our GEC6.  Our ultimate aim is to provide all clients with complete confidentiality, unprecedented tangible evidence, and flexibility alongside an unrivalled cost-effective service.

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Our Private Investigation Services include:

Covert Surveillance,

Missing People,

Background Checks,

Process Serving and

Witness Statements.

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Our P.I.'s Go The Extra Mile


We efficiently collaborate with Local Service Providers such as:

(i)   Police, 

(ii)  PCSOs, 

(iii) Intelligence Firms, 

(iv) Crime Reduction and 

(v)  Community Safety Panels to reduce the fear of crime. 


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Our Guarantees

>>  Integrity

We go the extra mile to meet your needs, but will admit to challenges and always suggest alternatives if for any reason we aren't able to deliver to specification.

>> Value for Money

We offer competitive solutions at affordable rates for elite quality every time. Because our bespoke delivery is unprecedented, we guarantee satisfaction and sustainability.

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Fully qualified and experienced professionals offering elite specialist solutions to Public & Private Sectors'.


London and Hampshire

England, United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)208 692 1433



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All new and existing course and training enquiries are welcome. 


We are here to assist.

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