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Property Guardianship Purpose

Finding a place to live that complements the life you want to lead isn’t easy. Our pioneering services connects  guardians and communities, adding value so that everyone benefits. Our guardians get well-managed, inexpensive homes so they can focus on causes they care about, and communities get neighbours who use their extra time and energy to give back. It’s property guardianship with purpose. There's nothing quite like   the buzz you feel when you are playing a crucial role with the community's interest at heart

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Securing Property Owners

Want a reliable and cost effective solution to the problems created by empty properties? Book your free security assessment now. As pioneers of Property Guardianship in St Lucia, we offer a value-added solution for your empty properties. Hawkeye keeps your property secure while saving you money on security costs. We offer our skilled live-in guardians opportunity to protect your valuable asset while adding value to the community by using their extra time to give back. Via Hawkeye's SYSTEM approach, we Save You Some Time, Energy and Money by meeting all your needs with a single initiative, i.e.: Hawkeye Property Guardians. 


Spot it, Report it, We'll Sort it!

Abandoned properties can be an ​eyesore, and can attract vandals and squatters. Report long-term abandoned or derelict property and we will make contact with the owners to offer them support and secure solutions for their property. If reported properties have been long-neglected, we'll consider taking action toward their improvement to get them back into use.  Together, we can make abandoned and derelict houses a thing of the past. 




Report Abandoned Property

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