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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

Coretta Scott-King.

Our Commitment to Safety and Standards

At Hawkeye, Quality is important to us. We recognise the need for property guardian services in St. Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean and commit to the improvement of safety and standards in the industry, for new and upcoming Property Guardian Service Providers. Founding members formed the Caribbean Property Guardian Association for Property Guardian Providers and Guardians. Prospective providers will be screened, trained and subject to annual audits to ensure optimum quality.





Committees of CPGA meet regularly to discuss:

Quality Assurance


Changes in the Industry,



Grant Funding,


Committee members consist of one representative from Property Guardian Service Providers and relevant Stakeholders, who come together to agree and implement applicable safety and standards policy. At its heart, the function of our committee is underpinned by the needs of residents and local businesses, bridging gaps toward a healthier economy.  At all times, our committees will discuss industry issues with a holistic approach, grounded in principles of secure solutions through asset preservation, and creation of plausible solutions to cost of living concerns. 


Caribbean Property Guardian Association Registration of Interest



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