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To facilitate the security of buildings that are vacant, or not in good repair. 




To reduce threat to public safety, and risk of crime or antisocial behaviour. 




To add value to the community through security  for its people and assets.


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Hawkeye Property Guardians is unlike any other security or property service. Our service bridges the gap between sustainability and security  to provide the best economical and societal value.


We uphold core values that ensures honest and quality service to our clients, community and country. Our honest services reflect in our delivery of the commitments pledged in our agreements with freeholders/property owners.


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Why Hawkeye Property Guardians?

What is a Property Guardian?

Currently, governments and property owners are concerned about leaving their properties (usually commercial but at times residential) empty, vacant, or abandoned for long periods of time.  There is the very real risk that ones' properties will be subject to vandalism and unauthorised occupation. That's  why freeholders engage our contractual services. 

Hawkeye are pioneers of Property Guardianship in St Lucia (Eastern Caribbean), and while there isn't currently an official or a statutory definition of the title 'Property Guardian', we   believe it is important to look at why there is need for Property Guardianship. The proof exists in rising numbers of vacant property, and the extent of adverse risk such as: Vandalism, Arson, Squatting, and Theft.  


We offer an unprecedented SYSTEM-based approach that allows you as our Clients and Partners, to Save Your Self Time, Energy and Money - by use of our Guardian solutions

Our Property Guardians as 24-hour live-in working professionals, who safeguard owners' vacant properties from adverse risk, such as: Vandalism (including Arson), Squatting and Theft.

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How Our Guardians help Property Owners.

Our Property Guardians are secure solutions for the protection of temporarily, or otherwise long-term vacant properties. We arrange for owners' commercial or other properties to be used for beneficial residential purposes by placing our young professionals and key-workers in them at zero cost to Property Owners, while they continue to search for   


Our licensed Property Guardians occupy owners' buildings on fixed or short-term agreements, the primary purpose being to secure and safeguard the property (providing a measure of security for that property). 

All our Guardians are with fully vetted and briefed before approval for licensing is agreed, so owners can have peace of mind, as we securely manage their properties while they're away. When our owners provide notice of return, our Guardians are prepared to provide vacant possession within the agreed timeframe. 

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How Our Property Owners help Guardians.

The current cost-of-living climate has impacted many young professionals and key workers. With raised rents, taxes and affordability concerns, many people are seeking affordable options to manage their day to day living.


As a Property Owner, if you have an empty property likely to be vacant for a minimum of 3 months, engage our services to manage temporary affordable living options, with added assurance that your property will be in safe hands.

We have a broad network of young professionals committed to giving back to their communities and society, who would be perfect fits for your safety and security needs. 


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