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Reasons to Choose our Property Protection Services.

Abstract Background

Caribbean Property Guardian Association

Founders of the Caribbean Property Guardian Association (CPGA) - go the extra mile to  improve standards in the industry. To maintain high standards, the Association implemented a constitution based on required criteria for the legal duties of property management companies and owners, and service quality commitment to Guardians. 

New and existing member companies are required to meet criteria specified in the constitution,  and must undergo annual audits of their Property Guardian Provider Services. 



Hawkeye commits to building valued partnerships with new and existing insurance providers for our Guardians bespoke liability insurance. 

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Hawkeye has its own specialist in-house maintenance team. This is so that you can be assured of our quick response to issues that may arise in any of the properties managed by us.


We are committed to compliance with standards for safe working, necessary PPE, materials to be used, working at heights and working with hazardous substances or asbestos. Hawkeye staff provide:

  • Regular inspection of your property and grounds;

  • Regular reports on your property status

  • Appliance checks

  • Minor repairs

Guardians report any maintenance issues to Hawkeye. We in turn, report essential maintenance issues to the property owner. 

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Our now-time legal framework ensures that we form transparent and valued partnerships with property owners. You sign an Authorisation Agreement that permits us to engage our Property Guardians on a short term Licence-to-Occupy basis.  Hawkeye can terminate the Licence agreement with our property guardians within a 30-day notice period. Our initiative is not the same as short-hold tenancies.

Our property preservation service is designed to save you money, while maximising the security of your vacant property - whether residential or commercial. Our Guardians help to keep the area socially active.

Signing a Contract

Guardian Recruitment, Selection, Vetting

We carefully select and vet in accordance with Right-to-Rent principles.  Our Property Guardians are typically key workers, working professionals and mature students. Most are aged 25 – 35.       We commit to maintaining a very high re-housing rate, ensuring that our Guardians have proven themselves to be reliable and responsible. They are not tenants but responsible people living in your vacant property as a security solution. Our short notice period ensures that your property will be handed back to you in just 30 days.

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We require just 30 days’ notice to hand back your property to you. Once your written notice is received, we issue notices to the Guardians living in your property. Where possible, we will move them to another Hawkeye property. On the agreed date and time, a member of Hawkeye will meet you on-site to hand back the property.

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